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JSC “Leonovskoe”

We are consistently demonstrating our commitment to being “best in class” in all aspects of our operations, including the responsible development of  natural resources.

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Who Are We In Oil And Gas Industry!

JSC “Leonovskoe” Refinery carries out prospecting, exploration and production of hydrocarbons, the company’s production units are fitted with advanced equipment and technologies for production of petroleum products, the full range of necessary work independently. 

We are an independent oil and gas company engaged in the exploration, development, and production of natural gas in Russian Federation with affiliates in other countries.

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JSC “Leonovskoe” Refinery is committed to establishing and maintaining a leadership position within our organization and business community.


At JSC “Leonovskoe” Refinery, integrity is achieved when our words and actions consistently reflect our vision and strategy. Integrity is apparent in all our business dealings with our partners and shareholders.

knowledge and experience with good management

At JSC “Leonovskoe” Refinery,  our sales and export service support team has knowledge and experience with good management and make recommendations to customers regarding products specifications needs. And objective is to become a recognised leader in the oil and gas industry and strives to be a model corporate, provide value for shareholders and the Russian federation, ensure employees’ health and safety, smooth and successful real experience.

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Professionalism and Best Services To Every Client

We at JSC “Leonovskoe” Refinery, are committed to providing services that meet our customers ‘ needs and expectations for quality, productivity and safety, while fostering a business culture that educates, develops and encourages our people to continuously improve all aspects of our operations

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